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Monday, 25 November 2019

Warning Light and Warning Messages on your Dash: what you need to know!

Hello Everyone. I believe we all have 1 or more warning light on our Vehicle,  either we have Diagnosed it or made an effort to research on it or consulted a Technician or done nothing; MechoMedics wants to give you this  eye-opener, an insight inspired by  my fix on a 2007 Honda Model.

The Instruments Cluster or Dash as we fondly call it help to warn Drivers of ongoing faults, Vehicle status  and Vehicle operational condition; either with a warning message or warning LED or Light. As a Diagnostician and AutomobileTech. an Instrument Cluster Active Test/Bidirectional Test  will helps to confirm the following:
1. Faulty Instrument Clustre Module
MechoMedics Diagnosis: 2008 Chevrolet Express 2500

2. Faulty Control Module on other systems communicating via the Communication Area Network (CAN)
3. Blocked Warning Light
MechoMedics VPPIS: 2007 Lexus RX350

4. Burnt Warning LED or Bulb
5. Faulty or adjusted Gauges and Meters
MechoMedics: 1999 Ford F150

6. Adjusted or doctored Mileage and Odometer.
7. Test for special trims and features and their operation light if enabled.
MechoMedics: 2008 Honda Accord

8. e.t.c.
So if your feel you've got a warning light coming ON and OFF when not expected or the Temperature Gauge, Oil Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Battery Gauge, and other Gauges playing pranks on the cluster or a warning message is always coming ON call MechoMedics +2348137996801 and we'll run this Test and Diagnosis to confirm and fix the issue(s) for you. 
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