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Thursday, 21 November 2019

MechoMedics: Engine Servicing isn't just Oil Replacement!

2010 Toyota RAV4 & 2006 Lexus GS300 Case: Servicing Engine with the 'Old' Mechanic and this message, ""OIL MAINT REQD", TRIP B 5171.4Mi" will remain till you visit the 21st Century Mechanic.

At MechoMedics we don't just replace your vehicle Engine Oil we execute the following before, during and after your Servicing:
1. Detect and check sludge build-up in the Engine.
2. Recommend durable Oil Filter &
Oil Blend for proper Engine lubrication with due consideration to Manufacturer's Specification, Mileage and Maintenance history.
3. Drain Oil and store used oil for recycle.
4. Check for Oil Leaks and recommend fix.
5. Fine tunning, TRIP A & B and Service
Reminder Reset and Next Service Reminder set-up.

6. Air Filter (Engine & Cabin) clean up and replacement recommendation if due.
7. All- System Health Check and fix recommendation.

That's Engine Servicing at its Best.

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