Tuesday, 8 October 2019


Automobile fault don't just occur, they come as PENDING, CURRENT, PERMANENT OR HISTORY.

At MechoMedics, our approach to fixing your vehicle system fault is by precise Diagnosis and this gives us a lead as to which fault is PENDING, CURRENT OR PERMANENT and by applying detailed Pin-point Testing, we'll make them HISTORY and sorted at the best possible cost.

PENDING DTC: Caused by Irritation, slight system inbalance and anomally that awaits further confirmation before a warning light is triggered ON or a Warning Message is sent.

CURRENT DTC: Faults have been confirmed as existing and ongoing and for this a warming Light might be flagged ON or Not depending on the severity of the fault as judged by the Contoel Module.

PERMANENT DTC: Faults have been existing for a prolonged period without no correction and repairs. Hence Control Module has lost control of that component. Electrical faults mostly end up as this.

HISTORY DTC: Faults that are intermittent, that is, for components that works sometimes and does not work at other times such will appear as History when working. Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) that come as this will be cleared by the Control Module itself if given number of TRIPS are completed.

COMFIRMED DTC: Some Diagnosis protocol will bring this out when a fault or DTC is beyond PENDING.

Whatever be the stage of fault or DTC. Precise Diagnosis will give you a path to a perfect fix.

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  1. What are the DTC or fault you've diagnosed in your vehicle. A professional guide from us can make fixes permanent and effective.