Friday, 26 July 2019


Thanks to God and the exteemed Staffs of F.C.E. (Technical) Akoka, as well as the MechoMedics Team and Trainees of the institution who were around for the Automobile Diagnosis Training Day 1.

 We talked about 12 SAFETY TIPS for Automobile Technicians:
1. Disconnect the battery to work on electrical components, actuators ,and sensors
2. When removing the battery disconnect Negative (-ve) terminal first and then Positive (+ve) terminal
3. When installing your battery terminals, connect the Positive  (+ve) terminal first and then the Negative (-ve) terminal next
4. Remove Ignition key from Ignition Cylinder before disconnecting battery Terminals.
5. Replace blown fuse with right and designated fuse rating
6. When working on Ignition coil take caution as it has a very high secondary side voltage of 40,000volts
7. Use high voltage protective rubber gloves when working on hybrid vehicles and Ignition coils
8. Don't wear chains and pendants and dangling objects like ties when working on vehicle rotating parts
9. Use recommended PPE when in the workshop and working environments- Glove, coverall, lab coat, fire resistant cover all, safety boots, googles, welding glasses, ear muffs, helmet, nose masks
10. Fire is caused by the combination of fuel leak or Gas leak, spark in the prescence of Oxygen (Air). Since oxygen is available everywhere fire fighting is a race against time. To use the fire extinguisher follow this Acronym:
P- Pull out the Lock Pin
A- Aim at the base of the fire
S- Squeeze the discharge trigger
S- Sweep from left to right with the Extinguisher.
Remember to always have your exit path free, incase you need to beat a retreat.

11. Always wedge Alternate Tires before lifting up such Vehicles.
12. Jack Stands come in various ratings and various capacities; use appropriate Jackstand to support a Vehicle weight before removing the wheels or going under such Vehicles.

We also carried out free Diagnosis on 2008 Ford EU Mondeo, 2006 Toyota Highlander, 2006 Toyota Corolla with 3 different Scanners Autel Maxidas DS808, Actron and Autel base Scan Tool... Training continues tomorrow 26th, July and rounds up 27th, July. See you all there.
See picture wes for better Storyline.

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