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Sunday, 16 June 2019

Why seek a Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS) before buying a New Vehicle.

Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS) has become of greater necessity in recent times due to: the rising increase in the numbers of Vehicle Purchased on daily basis, the increased number of used-vehicles with verying fault and defects, auctioned vehicle imported with varying defects and accidents to the shores of our country on daily basis and the increase in questionable practices by various vehicle users, technicians, mechanics, sellers and dealerships alongside.
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From discussion with vehicle users and other buyers there are issues and faults I believe are detectable by VPPIS that aren't visible to the ordinary Mechanic or Automobile Technician but a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspector will clearly detect this and advice you professional and help you negotiate to your benefit. We'll review a few of these issues at this point.

1. Vehicle Computer and System Control Module Program and Updates: Mechanics have been in the art of diagnosing Mechanical fault for a long time; Automobile has evolved with more electrical and computer controlled parts (Hardware) being operated by computer program (Software); but Nigerian Mechanics and Technicians remained Mechanical in their approach to inspection, diagnosis and repairs. Being with little or no knowledge about computer & numeric control, electronic and electrical communication and software update and troubleshooting of computer controlled Hardwares, Mechanics and Technicians have become limited in their services when it relates to diagnosing software fault and failure. But a true VPPIS provider is armed with the knowledge to inspect which Software versions are updated and which System Software are currently performing well or which ones are due for updates.
Modern Vehicle is designed to have less weight and perform more, this allows for  operations of some vehicle systems prone to human error to be computer controlled and less prone to error. However, when this software develops a fault or report are sent to manufacturers of performance limitations and difficulty, such do not require a change of Hardware or Mechanical Parts but an upgrade of Software in the respective faulty system. Buying a Vehicle like this means you will need to spend money on either replacing the Engine Control Module (ECM)/Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or updating the Software version after purchase. VPPIS saves you from this.
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2. Recalls, Complaints and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB): You might have used a certain Vehicle Make or Brand before and the experience was fantastic with few number of issues that pissed you off during the usage. Having gathered sufficient money to go to the dealership or independent seller to pick a newer model or year, you are faced with the option of Buying 1 of several model year or Brand. Difficult choice it is especially if you have enough money to buy even the latest model and luxurious brands. MechoMedics VPPIS clearly helps out by carrying out a prior research on varying Recalls and  Complaints by other previous users; this  help our clients to make the right decision on which model year is with less complaint and fault issues.
Complaints are usually logged or filed by Vehicle users to Dealerships and forwarded to the manufacturer to help them to make amendment to newer products and also release repair manual and Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to Dealerships on what to do in order to fix such known faults. Complaints that are severe and with effect on the Safety of the Vehicle owners/users are considered for immediate fix when existing as a factory defect; this are attended to by the Manufacturer as Recalls. Certain Vehicle Brand or Model can be avoided with knowledge of the several Complaints and Recalls existing on it.
Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) are released by various Vehicle Manufacturers in order to help guide Technicians in various  steps they need to execute to fix certain Vehicle Complaints and Known Fault with precision and accuracy. TSB will guide a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspector precisely on which information pertains to your Vehicle and which one does not it does this by stating clearly which range of Brand and Model with Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the given TSB applies to and it will also state the Symptoms and Diagnosis procedure needed to confirm such faults.
MechoMedics VPPIS helps you to narrow down with a Brand or Model that will give you little or no issues during usage. With the fact that most vehicles are bought from independent Dealerships who lack the required TSB to fix various faults and Complaint and there is no word such as 'Recall' to them, it is just wisdom to be armed with information needed to avoid purchasing a faulty or recall prone Vehicle.
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3. Features, Luxury function, accessories and full specification:
Vehicles are designed to firstly meet with statutory standard i.e. operation, safety, e.t.c. and secondly basic performance specification. Because of increase in consumer aesthetic demands, consumer luxury and comfort desires and technology advancement, manufacturers have come up with various designs to ensure these wide range of demand are met. With these features placed as Luxury Edition, some as Special Edition and Fewer in other Editions with the Basic Specification Brand also available for sale to those who can't afford higher Luxury and Specifications, decision of purchase option becomes hard. When this products are mixed together in a Dealership or Independent Sales Shop, you can be sold a Vehicle with less Features and Luxury specification i.e. Basic Specification, for the Value of the Full Luxury Specification. You don't know what you have lost until you jump into a similar Model and Brand owned by a friend and discover the full beauty of luxury and guess what? That vehicle was bought for the same price as yours or even cheaper than yours-by using Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS) to select the best out of many and enjoy the fullness of Luxury.
Vehicles are manufactured/assembled in various factories and designed to suite a specific market. California has the most stringent emission policy and Dubai market has a higher taste for Luxury; Canada is a market for mixed grade of Luxury and good emission policy, South Africa and Africa at large is a market with all buyers- even the least of brand ( with missing features) will be sold there. Nigeria has all products for sale, from Full Luxury to Brands with 'Missing Features'; some dealers will even Pimp a lower Model Year to look like a Luxury Lined/ Full specification of an Higher Model year. Bravo!!! Ingenious and quite creative! But those are Hardware Upgrade which require a Software Upgrade which isn't available to them. Since the regular buyer is moved by the aesthetic and what can be seen, you can easily fall a victim of this 'Upgraded false Specification Model', VPPIS will expose it all and get you the best.
So, walking into a dealership to pick a new car ('Tear rubber', Tokunbo or Nigerian Used) might not require you to go with a Tool chest, but you'll need to go with an EYE that will help you to ensure your choice is the Best. Choose VPPIS!!!

Hurry!!! It is Father's day. Happy Father's day to all great fathers out there who ensure their children dreams are fulfilled; that article is dedicated to all fathers.
Having learnt a lot we await your Consultation and Service request.
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