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Thursday, 6 June 2019

Result of Toyota-Suzuki Joint Venture on 2019 Automobile Products around the World

When you have the world market name and another maker holds some cherished-market-features and products, and you have same vision, you know the result of a Joint Venture (JV) will overtake competitors and catch new market with new, unique and efficient products. 

Like all reasons behind JV, the quest for higher profit margin being underlying, but also is the quest for safety and more customer-appealing Technology, smaller engines and possibility of autonomous and driverless Vehicle Technology.
Hence we'll see some smaller and finer, yet customer appealing products available in the Asia Market; I bet this products will also soon find its way into Africa, but its availability in US market has not been confirmed by Toyota Manufacturing Cooperation (TMC) or Suzuki Manufacturing Cooperation. But the resulting products will be assembled in Toyota's Bidadi plant in Karnataka and these products is already being launched this June 2019

Toyota Glanza Rear View Courtesy Overdrive
One of the comfirmed product is labelled "All" a mid-sized hatchback that is built on the existing compact design of Maruti Suzuki Baleno. This product might be tagged by some as resembling the Toyota Etios too. And I bet customer that love the Nissan products like Terrano & Sunny, Renault products like Duster & Scala, Honda products like Jazz, City & Civic.

Toyota Glanza Front View Courtesy Overdrive

Another confirmed product that was rumoured as seen by BHP is the Toyota Glanza. Surprised? Don't be; it is simply a rebadged Maruti Baleno all feature looking like a match and it is now currently being launched in India with varying trims of V (With a CVT 7-speed Transmission and more safety and luxury features), G (With a CVT 7-speed Transmission also), the V trim is also made available as a Manual Transmission and M as the least sophisticated Manual Trim having a 5-speed Manual Transmission also, but with less luxury. Other product will looks like Ertiga, Ciaz and Vitara. 
Finally it is comforting to know that Toyota products like the Corolla will be made available under this JV to Suzuki for possible rebranding and marketing in Europe.

Big thanks to our media source BHP.

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