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The common saying health is wealth also implies on the vehicle. One common part most people don't take notice of but it's importance can't be ignored in their vehicle is the purity of the air blown by the A/C (Air Conditioner) System. The purity and safety of the Air delivered by the A/C is affected by its Filter; known as A/C Filter (Air Conditioner filter) by some and also known as Cabin Air Filter by others.

2004 Toyota Camry Cabin Air Filter being replaced.

We know that the air we breathe in the vehicle is very important to our health and well being and the air that comes into the vehicle requires proper filteration before being channelled into the Cabin;  hence the performance of the filter has great health implications on passengers and drivers alike. Just Imagine a scenerio where the Cabin Air Filter is dirty, clogged and contaminated. What do you think the driver and passenger will breathe in? The answer is dirt, tiny invisible pieces of microbes and dust, clogged and contaminated air.
Contaminants of A/C Cabin Filter include dust, fungus, spores, dirts, pollens, insects, Feather, and any other nasty stuff small enough to be sucked into the A/C Blower and Vent channel. All these clog up the A/C Cabin Filter and cause all manner of health issues like asthma, allergies, nausea, head aches and dizziness, to name a few.
Take a look at the diagram of two AC filter below, and you will spot the obvious difference.

Dirty A/C Cabin Air Filter being removed.
Clean and new A/C Cabin Air Filter

1. keeps air clean and fresh
2. Eliminates odour caused by mould build up on the filter
3. Optimal air flow through the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system
4. Ensures a quiet operation of the interior blower fan
5. Eliminates dirt and dust and reduces chances of contacting a respiratory infection

Now that the benefits has been established.

I am going to explain in details how to replace your A/C Cabin Filter, taking case study of a 2004 Toyota Camry
NOTE: To know where your own AC filter is located please visit your owners manual but it is accessible in the following location (depending on the model): under the hood, under the dashboard and behind the glove compartment. But for our case study it is located behind the glove compartment. following steps were followed in replacing it after ensuring the car is parked.
Tools needed for changing AC filter:
1. Philip's screwdriver

Step 1: Open the driver's front passenger door and locate the glove compartment

Glove Box and my Big Foot. LOL.

Step 2: open the glove compartment,  remove the contents, such as Vehicle Papers, Cassette, Chargers, and so ON, check the right side of the glove compartment and locate the screw supporting the glove compartment and unscrew it using a Philips Screwdriver.
Note that some don't use the screw and are only held in position by an extension on the glovebox plastic and sides. 

Philips Screwdriver

Philips Screw holding the Glove Box in position

Philips Screw removed

After the screw has been removed make sure to always keep it in a safe place where it won't get missing. Remove the limiting arm or extension of the glove box by sliding off the pin.  
Grasp the front and back of the glove box and squeeze
until you can drop down the entire glove box.

Glovebox removed 

Step 3: Remove the glovebox compartment the AC filter is located behind it  

A/C Cabin Air Filter enclosed by a cover and positioned above Blower Fan.

From the diagram above, the white plastic resting above the Blower Fan houses the A/C Cabin Filter.

Step 4: Having located the A/C Cabin Filter, depress the cover clips so you can remove the A/C Cabin Filter compartment. 

Step 5: Get the appropriate/exact spare of the Filter, the new filter being preferably OEM type, it must not be different from the one you removed in any way. It is better to confirm the type of Cabin Air Filter your car uses  before you buy an A/C Cabin Air Filter. The 2004 Toyota Camry has a Tray for the A/C Cabin Air Filter some Vehicles do not have such.

A/C Cabin Filter tray.

The Cabin Air Filter tray can be cleaned If it is dirty or dusty using  a damp rag.
Step 6: insert the new A/C Cabin Air Filter into the A/C filter tray, ensure the right direction and Orientation indicated on the filter is followed. Return the assembly into the slot from which it was pulled out

Inserting the new A/C Cabin Filter and Tray into its position.

Step 7: Reverse the dissembly process to assemble.

Thank you for reading this Article. Please do make sure to contact MechoMedic for diagnostics and Consultancy and any help needed relating to your vehicle and we also train and mentor at various levels, be it Junior secondary level, Senior Secondary Level or Tertiary Institute and Advanced Level. Our Goal is to Transform the Nigerian Automobile Industry and that's why we make quality information available to you. I remain  your humble Trainee at MechoMedics, Ibiyemi Ifeoluwa. Stay Safe!


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