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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Question On Mass Air Flow Sensor

Here is a wise question asked by my Dearest Dr. Brother.
"Abeg wat is airflow meter? What does it do?"... As copied from WhatsApp chat
I like sharing knowledge and I will make this one simple.
Airflow meter is an engine sensor that measures the quantity of Air coming into the engine and consequently is used by the Engine Control Module (ECM) aka 'Brain Box' in calculating the quantity of fuel to supply into the engine for combustion.
Effect of Failure of Airflow Meter or Mass Air Flow (MAF)  Sensor are:
1.  Vehicle Smokes Black ( engine runs rich i.e. consumes fuel)
2. Excessive fuel consumption
3. Poor Vehicle Start up and Idle
4. Poor Vehicle Performance
5. Slightly better Engine performance at high speed
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