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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Importance of Diagnosis in Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS)

This is Mr. Risk, he is happy to see year 2017 and he received a huge salary bonus and salary boost early this year. Mr. Risk decided to use his bonus and January 'bigi' salary added to what he had saved before to buy a you all call it. But our followers know such is not a Jeep but a Truck, as the name Jeep is a Vehicle Brand and not a description of Vehicle size. He buys a 2007 Lexus GX470 a Big Truck he now has and he is jumping in his heart. Lexus as we all know has 'Big Big' functions:
Tail Gate Automatic Opening system,
Map, Drive Assist and location functions
Telephone and Bluetooth Connectivity to enable Hand free.
DAC (Dynamic Assist Control)
Vehicle Stability System

Mr. Risk hardly knows about how to use any of this functions, but he is happy he can drive around. At least His Mechanic, Risko, has checked that the vehicle he bought has a good Engine and
Mr. Risk: Risko how the vehicle be? Transmission, Suspension?
Risko:  "Oga! I go fix am!" A/C dey Cool well but it overheats at times, Risko watin you go do? Oga, No trouble I go commot the 'Tamostar'-Thermostat- Risky the Mechanic can not Diagnose and so the Big 2UZ-FE, V8, 4.7L Engine can  not have all it's basic systems examined. Mr. Risk travelled to show watin God don do for him in the Village,  East of Nigeria. He reaches Asaba to discover that the vehicle won't go further. So he call Risky and then he starts spending more and more money on the following:
Towing Cost #30,000
Transport and Rent in Hotel #150,000
New Transmission #250,000
New cooling Fan clutch #75,000
Toyota Genuine ATF fluid 8L #30,000
He continues his Journey and the Vehicle luckily grinds to an halt as he reaches his village, he calls Ignorant Risky again. Risky runs to Ladipo and tells the Transmission seller that a new Transmission must be given him. Ladipo sends with him a Transmission Mechanic and with the effort of the two Experts they insert the new Transmission spending more money again:
Transportation #20,000
Transmission Mechanic Charge #30,000
Accommodation & welfare #15,000
Mr. Risk is sad, he has spent a lot by trying to cut cost on Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS).
What would he have saved and what are the benefit of this service:
1. Precise financial advice on Vehicle expenses and budget
2. Precise advice on Vehicle Brand and Models
3. Precise advice on Vehicle Maintenance
4. Detailed Diagnosis of entire Vehicle System
5. Advice on Performance and Vehicle maintenance history
6. Recommended fixes and Repairs.
7. Vehicle Diagnosis record and History for Mechanics.
8. Advice on purchase of Genuine Parts, Product and Vehicle Systems.
Mr. Risk has learnt his lesson. Don't be like Mr. Risk, be wise! Thinking of Buying any Vehicle, be it new, used, junked, name it, contact a Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Service (VPPIS) Specialist.

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