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Saturday, 27 January 2018

B1650 Steering Airbag Light and Restraint Light Fault ON 2014 GX460

B1650 Occupant Classification System Malfunction

Steering Airbag ON
Seatbelt Warning Light ON (even when buckled up on all front Seats with or without Occupant)

Seat belt Warning Light ON, Occupant Detection Warning Light ON (even with the Driver and Passenger seat belt buckled) and I left the door open as detailed Diagnosis was in progress.

The SUV had a rear impact with no deployed Airbags and after that the Steering Airbag Warning Light and Restraint System Warning Light has been on the Instrument Cluster. This fault can occur for any 2007 upwards Toyota, Lexus or Scion Products. Some Diagnostician were there ahead to clear the DTCs but clearing such DTC ain't the solution. Research and carry out detailed Diagnosis.

1. covering the Warning light
2. Ignoring the Warning Light
3. Blocking or looping the instrument cluster warning light
4. Clearing DTC B1650
1. Connect a Diagnosis tool with Supplementary Restraint System (SRS) function equipped; I used Maxidas DS808.

2. Select the Vehicle Model Manually (Manual selection of the right Model, Brand and Make will help you attain a detailed Diagnosis if Automatic Identification is not giving you the right model: I tried Auto Identification and it identified it as LX470, which is wrong)
3. Run a full system Diagnosis and write out or Print out the DTCs and Freeze Frame Data.

4. Select Systems manually using 'Control Unit' and next are various calibration and programming options (3 screens), including 'Occupant Detection' which helps for the Occupant System Classification Calibration.

5. Select the function and you will have a New page for Signal Check and System Calibration

6. Execute Occupant Classification System Calibration.
7. It will prompt you to adjust the Passenger Seat and Headrest in a given level. Execute this adjustment

8.  With the calibration complete, Run a Signal check
9. Clear any left over DTCs
10. Test drive the Vehicle with a passenger weighing a minimum of 36k using Seatbelts  and it is fixed.
It ain't magic but Detailed Diagnosis and research.