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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Buying a used Vehicle: Flooded Vehicles

Buying a used Vehicle:  Flooded Vehicles
A flooded vehicle is a vehicle that has been exposed to hurricane, flooding or submerged inside a flood or water during its service years. Flood which is a natural disaster occur often in some countries or states than others. Some of which are, China, india, Ecuador, Miami USA, New York, New Jersey, Newark, Vietnam, New Orleans, e.t.c. Flood whose content is 80-85% water, 15-20% debris (stones, wood, bricks, plastics e.t.c.) and in some cases 5% salt or other minerals. A vehicle exposed to any of the above mentioned natural disaster is bound to experience several electrical, mechanical, chemical and metallurgical faults. This even gets worse in a case where the water flooding such vehicle contains salt (Salt water); such a vehicle will experience progressive corrosion due to the presence of salt. This fault may be visible on inspection and as the case is usually, it can be cleaned off and polished to deceive unsuspecting buyers to buy them.

Let’s go deeper into the various categories of flooded vehicles and their common faults and visible appearance.
 Water level is at the lower edge of tire rim.
Parts liable to corrosion, damage or malfunctions includes; the Schrader valve, TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors), undercarriage and covers.
Water level is up to Axle centerline
Parts liable to corrosion, damage or malfunctions includes; level 1 damaged components, Brake components, wheel speed sensors, sensor connectors, lower arms, Tie rods, Ball joint, Lug nuts/ studs, wheel hub and bearing, Axle shaft and boots, Power steering rack and connectors, Starters and Solenoids, ATM neutral start switch, Oxygen sensor (sensor 2) connector and harness, catalytic converter(s), Muffler (s) and exhaust pipe
Water level up to lower edge of door/ top of Rocker panel.
Parts liable to corrosion, damage or malfunction includes; Level 2 damaged components, Drive shaft, ATM fluid , Differential  Assembly & oil, A/C compressor, ECU, Fuse boxes, BCM,  door lock, window switch, Evaporative Emission Control System components, Battery, Plugs, Fuel thanks and systems e.t.c.

Water level up to vehicle roof.
Parts liable to corrosion, damage or malfunction includes;  Level 3 damaged components, vanity lights, A/C vents, Brake lights e.t.c.
The more the submersion level, the more the damage and the shorter the service life.

 Final advice, watch what you buy, make use of your skilled Auto Technician to inspect a car before purchase ensure  the vehicle is scanned with a hand-held scanner. Vehicles with severe visible appearance of rusts on various parts should be avoided in a second hand purchase. In the eventuality of purchase, wash such component with freshwater and replace corroded and broken parts. 

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